Dr. Raman Singh
Hon'ble Chief Minister
Government of Chhattisgarh
Sri Rajesh Munat
Hon'ble Minister for Transport, Roads & Highaway
Government of Chhattisgarh

Procedure for issuing N.O.C for other state:

If a registered owner of a vehicle intends to take his vehicle to some other state & get the same re-registered there, can apply for NOC on prescribed form-28. The following are the required / formalities to be completed.

  1. Application on Form 28 (in Quadruplicate) (Download Here)
  2. Attested copy of the registration certificate.
  3. Evidence of payment of road tax up-to-date.
  4. Or no road tax dues certificate from the tax-collection authority.
  5. Payment of tax dues if any.
  6. Attested copy of pollution under control certificate.

Note: Issue of NOC is subject to clearance from National Crime Record Bureau (N.C.R.B) only in some of the states.